Thursday, May 31, 2012

The sun is up...the animals are calling to me...and i am sitting here nursing a cup of coffee....oh, wait..its gone, darn! Busy few days coming up..Friday: someone coming to get gold fish from the pond...and someone else coming to pick up 4 more ducks!  Saturday...I have rescues coming in from Illinois, and someone else coming to get more cages.....Sunday...The donkey gets a new home..and I get hay! I just hope these people stick to the schedule...I have them all coming at different I SHOULD be OK. We will see how prompt everyone is.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wow, where has the time gone? Seems I am busy as a bee, and getting nothing finished! Altho, I did get both of the gardens it is time to start pulling beets, and pickling them. Hoping to get them started next week.
I had a bit of an accident last weekend. We went to my sisters home in KY, and helped put up a zip line. She lives on a large hill/mountain...and just thinking of zipping down was a thrill. We worked on it for 5 hours...finally got it installed. Well....we had installed it too high at the starting point...and when I got on it...I was going to fast, the brake didn't work...and when I hit the bottom I flew off of the zip line...about 20 feet into the air, flipping over twice, landed on my back, bounced, then went another 3 feet, and landed on my side. I was knocked unconscious and the wind knocked out of me. I don't remember anything until the ambulance got there....however...I was told that when my 8 yr old niece got to me, she was so upset...and I am sure just hearing her voice brought me around a bit. She was asking if I was OK...( altho I don't remember this) my response was ... I think I broke my butt...she said, REALLY?? And I replied...yes, don't you see the big crack?  Then I was out again. All in all...the damage was not as bad as it COULD have been. Cracked tailbone, ONE broken rib at the breast bone....soft tissue damage in my neck, and a slight concussion. Not bad! I guess I am NOT a "Weeble" ( Weebles wobble but they don't fall down) I must be  a "Bumble" Bumbles bounce! LOL  So, my sister is taking down the zip line....probably a good thing.
As for the farm....I was given another Alpine doe. Well, not really "given" I will pay her in duck eggs! How nice is that!??? She is a 5 yr old registered Alpine, in milk. Such a sweet doe!
My littleSuzie finally had her kids! They are 3 weeks old today. She had a doeling and a buckling...and she was able to do it without our help. Of course I was there to watch, just in case...but she is a GREAT momma!!!
Here is the little Doe
Here is the little Buck. They are doing great!! They were born on the night of the "super moon" and I have YET to come up with names.  3 more weeks, and they will be up for sale. I will be glad to get the milk again.
I have 12 meat chickens that are ready to butcher, I hope I can get it done before the heat takes them. I will have to just do one or two at a time...and try to get them in the freezer soon!