Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy as a bee in spring!

Today's weather was just outstanding. Sunny and warm...with a cool breeze. Perfect for outside work, that has been put off  for too long. Started my morning outside at 8 am...feeding and milking. On my way back from the barn, I stretched the 200 ft of water hose out to the half way point...then once to the drive, I unrolled the other hoses and connected the 4 together...then connected to the water tap. Brought in the milk...and got it put up, and settled in for my second cup of coffee. Once finished, I headed out to scrub and fill the 3 troughs at the barn, and fill the 2 inside buckets. This took about an hour..or so...then drug the hoses to the other side of the start on the ducks. Sunday a friend and her family came to visit, and pick up a few chickens and a Turkey. She brought me a Fawn and white Runner Duck hen. Now my boy has 2 hens, and is very happy! I had to move them into a private pen this morning..with a clean pool. Dumped and cleaned 4 duck pools....moved 3 pens of ducks to outside pens, where the ground is NOT soupy! They were so happy to be on semi-dry land. Another hour gone...getting everyone settled and with clean water. Put the hoses up, and headed to the garden for a bit. Turned a few rows with a shovel....we are supposed to get rain and I want it to be able to dry out...almost time for beets! Back inside by 11 am. Had to get diner started. Fried chicken, potato salad, pork and beans, and deviled eggs. Hubby was happy!
After supper was finished, hubby's packed for work, and get him out the door...back to the garden for a bit. My son came out with his family and we visited for a bit.....he helped in the garden for a few minutes...then decided it was too much like work. He worked up a blister, and quit! 5 pm, got all the animals tucked away for the evening...and back inside. Shower, coffee, and a is good..and sore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a ride!

Today I woke up it was is always dark when you get up before the sun...but it was REALLY dark, clouds, rain...yukky weather. Started a fire, let the pups out, made coffee, packed hubbys lunch, let the pups in, poked at the coffee and sat down to wake up. By 08:30, it was still trying to rain I bundled up and headed out to feed the critters. The winds were blowing pretty good so I was happy to be able to take refuge in the barn with the animals. Out of the wind and rain...once my eyes adjusted to the darkness..I set to my chores. Feeding, throwing hay, hauling water and milking. Good old KiKi, my tom cat was there with me, patiently waiting his few squirts of fresh warm milk. He always gets the first few squirts in a small dish. This lets me check the milk for oddities, and releases the little waxy plug built up from overnight. Everyone gets their morning scratches..and it is off to the coops. By this time the sun was out, but dark clouds threatened. The rain came....then the sun came again..then more rain and sun. Whew! What a ride!
 We have a new Tom Turkey....he just "flew in" the other day, and decided to stay. He belongs to a guy down the road...who wanted to give him to me a few months back. I declined to take him because I have 2 toms already with 4 hens. Looks like this Tom changed my mind for me. I have a home for him already....come this weekend a dear friend and her family will come out to get him, and a few chickens. The ducks and chickens are all out loving this warmer weather. In the 50's today! Once the rain moves out later today, it should end up being pretty nice.
On my way back from the coops this morning, I stopped and picked about a dozen Brussels Sprouts from the garden. They have been growing all winter long since the winter didn't really hit hard this year. I am thinking roasted chicken, mashed sweet potato's and Brussels Sprouts for supper. Sounds good.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy with pups!

So, I have not posted here for a while because we have been fairly busy lately. A while back I had posted about the pup we were going to get from the rescue. Well..we took 2. They are so bonded...I just HAD to!
Gunner is the tan/red one...and Magnum is the black and tan. Both have those hound dog ears, and are so well behaved. They are quickly learning the if they could only learn their names. They don't come when I call their names....yet. A little whistle gets them running tho. They follow me around the yard, fenced yard. I have yet to be brave enough to take them out of the fence.
I have been trying to work with the little donkey as well. Can we say....stubborn!??? Jeesh!!! He will NOT be matter what. So, for now, we are doing circles...and I am getting dizzy. I just hope I am doing it right...sure don't want to mess him up...and not be able to train him properly. I have visions of him pulling a little cart, me sitting in the drivers seat..the sun warm on my face...we are moving along. What will PROBABLY a cute little donkey in the pasture..forever. I Might just have to hire someone to come help us.
Spring fever is setting in. This crazy weather is making me want to get in the garden..and NOW! I know, I know, it is way too early...but I want to get some beets in the ground soon!
So, nothing much going on...well, other than working with the animals...I hope spring fever is cured soon!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Poor poor Mother Nautre.

I say that is obvious to me, she is suffering from some sort of dementia. 60's one day, snow and ice the next. Someone please get her some HELP! STAT!!!
In other "news" The red tailed hawks are setting up my woods....right in perfect view of my chicken coop. drats!!!!
OK, so it's not a great picture...but you can definitely see the Red Tail Hawk. Guess we will have to be on watch more once there are hatch-lings. I DO love to watch them tho...*sigh*
Today, is a cold snow break in weather we get, I am putting in the beets. Yummy, red, round balls of pickled love! Oh how we love us some beets!
I tried to sit down the other night and get some of the wool spun out. I just love working with "dirty wool" By this I mean, the Lanolin is still in it, and my hands get covered in lanolin. My hands have never felt better.
I didn't get much done....but it was a start.
This is from my little cinnamon colored ewe, April.
Here she is in all her glory. She has a great personality too!
She came to us with a broken jaw, so she has issues with feed getting stuck in her jaw. I have to clean it out every few days. But, I love her!!
On the rescue front...I was asked to take in 2 micro pot belly pigs. Male and female, both "fixed" Luckily I have a home set up for them already! Whew! Pictures to come, when they get here.
Time to get to work on the house......anyone else starting their spring cleaning? I am hauling a LOT of "stuff" out! Some will get burned, some will get tossed, and some will get donated. As long as it is out of here, I will be happy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Popcorn anyone?

So the last few days, the weather has been ( dare I say it?) Beautiful. Mornings cool enough to have a fire to take the chill off, then open a few windows later to air out the house. I have kept myself busy trying to get a few things caught up outside. Cleaned the barn out....put the soiled bedding on the chicken yards. They love scratching around in the straw and it helps with the mud in there. Moved the Pot Belly pig, Tulip, back to the barn. She now shares a stall with Suzie. Tulip is very happy, Suzie, not so much. The stall is big enough for them both, so, little miss Suzie needs to learn to share! I need to get the last of the pumpkins and gourds out of the barn. They have frozen and turned mushy. This will be a messy job...I dread! The chickens will benefit tho, and I am sure be happy. I had taken the small potato spade into the coops and turned the bedding in there, and added fresh to it. While turning the old, I noticed how dark and beautiful it was underneath...composting perfectly!! The chickens are staying a bit warmer and I will have plenty compost for the garden. Win win!
Last Christmas, our son and his wife bought me the most interesting thing. Popcorn, on the cob. It came with a bag, and you microwave it. So this evening, I figured I would give it a try.
It worked! I was surprised. It wasn't the buttery stuff you can buy in the bags...but it was OK. I had planned to try and grow my own this year, maybe. We are some popcorn eating people here. LOVE it!
We are coming up on Superbowl Weekend. Tomorrow I will plan out the menu of snacks. I am going to bake bread, and cut it into bite size pieces, melt cheese on them, and serve. Also there will be mini pies, fresh veggies and dips, home made mini pizza's and of course, beer for the hubby. I might splurge, and have a soda, but will probably stick with water and coffee.
So, with rain coming in tomorrow, I will have plenty time to get my baking done, and get ready for Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!