Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy with pups!

So, I have not posted here for a while because we have been fairly busy lately. A while back I had posted about the pup we were going to get from the rescue. Well..we took 2. They are so bonded...I just HAD to!
Gunner is the tan/red one...and Magnum is the black and tan. Both have those hound dog ears, and are so well behaved. They are quickly learning the if they could only learn their names. They don't come when I call their names....yet. A little whistle gets them running tho. They follow me around the yard, fenced yard. I have yet to be brave enough to take them out of the fence.
I have been trying to work with the little donkey as well. Can we say....stubborn!??? Jeesh!!! He will NOT be matter what. So, for now, we are doing circles...and I am getting dizzy. I just hope I am doing it right...sure don't want to mess him up...and not be able to train him properly. I have visions of him pulling a little cart, me sitting in the drivers seat..the sun warm on my face...we are moving along. What will PROBABLY a cute little donkey in the pasture..forever. I Might just have to hire someone to come help us.
Spring fever is setting in. This crazy weather is making me want to get in the garden..and NOW! I know, I know, it is way too early...but I want to get some beets in the ground soon!
So, nothing much going on...well, other than working with the animals...I hope spring fever is cured soon!

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