Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy as a bee in spring!

Today's weather was just outstanding. Sunny and warm...with a cool breeze. Perfect for outside work, that has been put off  for too long. Started my morning outside at 8 am...feeding and milking. On my way back from the barn, I stretched the 200 ft of water hose out to the half way point...then once to the drive, I unrolled the other hoses and connected the 4 together...then connected to the water tap. Brought in the milk...and got it put up, and settled in for my second cup of coffee. Once finished, I headed out to scrub and fill the 3 troughs at the barn, and fill the 2 inside buckets. This took about an hour..or so...then drug the hoses to the other side of the start on the ducks. Sunday a friend and her family came to visit, and pick up a few chickens and a Turkey. She brought me a Fawn and white Runner Duck hen. Now my boy has 2 hens, and is very happy! I had to move them into a private pen this morning..with a clean pool. Dumped and cleaned 4 duck pools....moved 3 pens of ducks to outside pens, where the ground is NOT soupy! They were so happy to be on semi-dry land. Another hour gone...getting everyone settled and with clean water. Put the hoses up, and headed to the garden for a bit. Turned a few rows with a shovel....we are supposed to get rain and I want it to be able to dry out...almost time for beets! Back inside by 11 am. Had to get diner started. Fried chicken, potato salad, pork and beans, and deviled eggs. Hubby was happy!
After supper was finished, hubby's packed for work, and get him out the door...back to the garden for a bit. My son came out with his family and we visited for a bit.....he helped in the garden for a few minutes...then decided it was too much like work. He worked up a blister, and quit! 5 pm, got all the animals tucked away for the evening...and back inside. Shower, coffee, and a is good..and sore.

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