Friday, February 10, 2012

Poor poor Mother Nautre.

I say that is obvious to me, she is suffering from some sort of dementia. 60's one day, snow and ice the next. Someone please get her some HELP! STAT!!!
In other "news" The red tailed hawks are setting up my woods....right in perfect view of my chicken coop. drats!!!!
OK, so it's not a great picture...but you can definitely see the Red Tail Hawk. Guess we will have to be on watch more once there are hatch-lings. I DO love to watch them tho...*sigh*
Today, is a cold snow break in weather we get, I am putting in the beets. Yummy, red, round balls of pickled love! Oh how we love us some beets!
I tried to sit down the other night and get some of the wool spun out. I just love working with "dirty wool" By this I mean, the Lanolin is still in it, and my hands get covered in lanolin. My hands have never felt better.
I didn't get much done....but it was a start.
This is from my little cinnamon colored ewe, April.
Here she is in all her glory. She has a great personality too!
She came to us with a broken jaw, so she has issues with feed getting stuck in her jaw. I have to clean it out every few days. But, I love her!!
On the rescue front...I was asked to take in 2 micro pot belly pigs. Male and female, both "fixed" Luckily I have a home set up for them already! Whew! Pictures to come, when they get here.
Time to get to work on the house......anyone else starting their spring cleaning? I am hauling a LOT of "stuff" out! Some will get burned, some will get tossed, and some will get donated. As long as it is out of here, I will be happy!

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