Friday, February 3, 2012

Popcorn anyone?

So the last few days, the weather has been ( dare I say it?) Beautiful. Mornings cool enough to have a fire to take the chill off, then open a few windows later to air out the house. I have kept myself busy trying to get a few things caught up outside. Cleaned the barn out....put the soiled bedding on the chicken yards. They love scratching around in the straw and it helps with the mud in there. Moved the Pot Belly pig, Tulip, back to the barn. She now shares a stall with Suzie. Tulip is very happy, Suzie, not so much. The stall is big enough for them both, so, little miss Suzie needs to learn to share! I need to get the last of the pumpkins and gourds out of the barn. They have frozen and turned mushy. This will be a messy job...I dread! The chickens will benefit tho, and I am sure be happy. I had taken the small potato spade into the coops and turned the bedding in there, and added fresh to it. While turning the old, I noticed how dark and beautiful it was underneath...composting perfectly!! The chickens are staying a bit warmer and I will have plenty compost for the garden. Win win!
Last Christmas, our son and his wife bought me the most interesting thing. Popcorn, on the cob. It came with a bag, and you microwave it. So this evening, I figured I would give it a try.
It worked! I was surprised. It wasn't the buttery stuff you can buy in the bags...but it was OK. I had planned to try and grow my own this year, maybe. We are some popcorn eating people here. LOVE it!
We are coming up on Superbowl Weekend. Tomorrow I will plan out the menu of snacks. I am going to bake bread, and cut it into bite size pieces, melt cheese on them, and serve. Also there will be mini pies, fresh veggies and dips, home made mini pizza's and of course, beer for the hubby. I might splurge, and have a soda, but will probably stick with water and coffee.
So, with rain coming in tomorrow, I will have plenty time to get my baking done, and get ready for Sunday. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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