Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a ride!

Today I woke up it was dark..well...it is always dark when you get up before the sun...but it was REALLY dark, clouds, rain...yukky weather. Started a fire, let the pups out, made coffee, packed hubbys lunch, let the pups in, poked at the fire...got coffee and sat down to wake up. By 08:30, it was still trying to rain some...so I bundled up and headed out to feed the critters. The winds were blowing pretty good so I was happy to be able to take refuge in the barn with the animals. Out of the wind and rain...once my eyes adjusted to the darkness..I set to my chores. Feeding, throwing hay, hauling water and milking. Good old KiKi, my tom cat was there with me, patiently waiting his few squirts of fresh warm milk. He always gets the first few squirts in a small dish. This lets me check the milk for oddities, and releases the little waxy plug built up from overnight. Everyone gets their morning scratches..and it is off to the coops. By this time the sun was out, but dark clouds threatened. The rain came....then the sun came again..then more rain and winds...now sun. Whew! What a ride!
 We have a new Tom Turkey....he just "flew in" the other day, and decided to stay. He belongs to a guy down the road...who wanted to give him to me a few months back. I declined to take him because I have 2 toms already with 4 hens. Looks like this Tom changed my mind for me. I have a home for him already....come this weekend a dear friend and her family will come out to get him, and a few chickens. The ducks and chickens are all out loving this warmer weather. In the 50's today! Once the rain moves out later today, it should end up being pretty nice.
On my way back from the coops this morning, I stopped and picked about a dozen Brussels Sprouts from the garden. They have been growing all winter long since the winter didn't really hit hard this year. I am thinking roasted chicken, mashed sweet potato's and Brussels Sprouts for supper. Sounds good.

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