Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brrrrr, woke this morning to fall temps?
I promptly got the wood stove fired up...and it is warming up nicely in here. Whew!
We had left over mashed taters and gravy from supper last night, so I warmed it up for our little pig. He thinks I am spoiling him....I of course have an ulterior motive! HA! He dove into that mess and made a pig of himself! LOL
Today I will work on getting more kindling put up for the winter....time to clean the woods out a little. Tomorrow I start my 6 day job, 12 hour shifts. More money for winter feed...Whoot!
Tonight's supper, potato soup...just sounds like it will hit "the spot" I better get busy on a loaf of bread too....yep, sounds like a good meal.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall....a season...not something I want to do!

So, it has been way too long since I have posted. It is fall already! Fall, as in the SEASON.....NOT waht I want to do....altho I seem to be pretty good at it lately.
We are gearing up for our second annual Fall Farm Festival here at Heavens Door Acres. Food, fun, family and friends! ( seems like I like words beginning with F? ) LOL Anyways.......the garden was a fairly good success. I was able to put by enough veggies to probably get us through winter...
(since this picture was taken, I have completely FILLED this pantry)

including spaghetti sauce, chili starter, canned tomato's, green beans, corn, pickled beets, canned potato's. A few meats are done, meatloaf, meatballs, chicken. I am waiting for the weather to cool down to finish canning meats. We are still trying to get to the firewood for the season. Not really getting to it.....makes me nervous. Anyone else out there think we are in for a nasty winter?
Over the summer I worked at MUTC, a military installation, doing role playing. Displaced citizens after a"disaster" waiting for the military to respond, recover, and re-home us. It was fun...a LOT of fun...and I made enough money to get a new roof on one of the chicken coops, get Hay for the winter, and a few months of feed. I will be working this again next week...planning to get winter feed with most of this check.
We have a little pig we are fattening up for the freezer...

.I will feel better when that is done as well.Fresh ham, bacon, sausage, bacon, and pork chops, and...yes, BACON!  He is small, but fattening up pretty quick!
It is almost time for that heavy fall cleaning of the house....carpets, curtains, furniture. Have to get it all ready for the upcoming Holidays...when we will have a houseful of guests streaming in and out every weekend for a few months. I really enjoy this time of year. :)