Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brrrrr, woke this morning to fall temps?
I promptly got the wood stove fired up...and it is warming up nicely in here. Whew!
We had left over mashed taters and gravy from supper last night, so I warmed it up for our little pig. He thinks I am spoiling him....I of course have an ulterior motive! HA! He dove into that mess and made a pig of himself! LOL
Today I will work on getting more kindling put up for the winter....time to clean the woods out a little. Tomorrow I start my 6 day job, 12 hour shifts. More money for winter feed...Whoot!
Tonight's supper, potato soup...just sounds like it will hit "the spot" I better get busy on a loaf of bread too....yep, sounds like a good meal.

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