Monday, November 12, 2012


Wow, has it really been 2 months since I last posted? I am going to try to get more serious here...and post more often....notice I said "try"  So, over the last few months...we have been busy getting this farm ready for a "long winters nap" Putting the gardens to bed...winterizing the animal shelters...canning...getting firewood.
Back in October, we had our second annual Farm Festival. Mother Nature decided to throw us a curve ball...the weather was cold, windy...and just a little bit miserable.

 We had a great turnout in spite of the weather...and everyone seemed to have a good time. The kids all played on the HUGH mounds of dirt we had brought in...200 tons...while the adults hovered around the BBQ for warmth. Maybe we should have just ran and played like the kids. They didn't seem to mind the cold one bit.
On the day of the Festival, we got a new "family member" Her name is Nikki. She is a Severe Macaw.
She is such a clown. She talks, sings, and hangs from her cage and swings and laughs! I just love this little bird.
I was able to get another load of free pumpkins this year. The animals love them, and it helps in the winter time with the poultry to stave off the winter blues..on days that they are cooped up.
The goats and pot belly pig..and the sheep all love them as well..and the seeds are a good natural dewormer!
I have my own pumpkins that grew voluntarily here this year... they are pie pumpkins. I can't wait to make  FRESH pumpkin pie for the holidays.
Today the weather is going to be keeping us inside for the most part of the day. Rain and cool....51 degrees this morning and that is going to be our high. The temps are going to steadily drop and by 3 pm they are saying 32 degrees. Brrr. I plan to work inside cleaning the laundry room and maybe starting on a few holiday crafts. Hope your fall is going as planned...

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  1. I love Nikki!! I think she is 100% my favorite critter on your farm!