Friday, November 30, 2012

So today...I made this little candle lamp, out of an old mason jar. It is NOT a good canning jar, It has a chip in the top, therefore it will not seal. So, I found this project...and thought..." i can do that" I really like it...however, I need to get better ribbon and better greenery. But here is the first one....

I think they will make cute gifts. Handy too! :)

I also put together a small box for a dear friend and her Ohio. Really, it isn't much...but I hope they all like what I am sending...I just want them all to know how dear they are to me.
Tomorrow I will be driving to my father in Ohio...and spending the night up there. My father in law asked me to be the one to cook the turkey, since his wife passed...and he wants me to make the pies...all home made from scratch, of course.One pumpkin and one apple. My husband has to work, but he will come up Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning I will get up and put the turkey in the oven. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with him and my husbands siblings. This will be our third Thanksgiving! We had one in here in Indiana...and now one in Ohio! Christmas..we will be having HAM! I am just about over Turkey!
Since I will not be here Saturday night, or Sunday morning...I have had to make plans for the animal chores. Luckily I have great in particular, who will come over and do the milking for me. I am truely blessed with great friends.

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