Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cold mornings....warm friends.

This morning my alarm clock wakes me with a song....I throw back the covers and shiver....brrrr, cool in here....I so want to just climb back under the warm covers and stay in bed. As I wipe the sleep from my eyes....and walk to the kitchen for that first hot cup of black gold....I can smell the draws me to it. I glanced at the outside thermometer...21 degrees. I shivered again...knowing I need to get outside soon and start my morning chores. After taking care of the inside critters, and settling in with my coffee....I plan the day.  Well, I thought I planned the day. We all know best laid plans are due to fail. The plan tear into the kitchen and clean out all the cabinets....throw out the "stuff" I don't need...and re-organize. Just a heads up, that didn't happen.
After my morning coffee, I dressed warmly....pulled on my boots, grabbed the pig slop bucket and my milk pail...and headed out. Stepping out the front door I am slapped in the face with COLD!

Walking to the barn...hearing the grass crunch under my feet....I smile...and stop to take this picture of frost covered grass.  Just beautiful.
Once I get to the barn I am greeted by the "starving" animals. The sheep are bawling at me...the pig is running the fence...the goats are screaming...Awww, come on everyone! I am just one person! :)
Feed the pig, fill the other feeders, and settle in to start milking....with at least ONE cat on my lap. Ever try to milk a goat with a cat on your lap..who is trying to bat at the teets of the goats?? I can tell makes the morning interesting for sure.

Tomorrow we will be taking in 2 more sheep. Baby Doll sheep. Both boys, one is castrated, the other is not...yet. He will have to be fixed if he want;s to stay here...I have female Shetland ewes, and do NOT want babies from them. NOR do I want these boys tearing down my fences to get to them. So tomorrow will be an interesting day....for sure....shuffling around animals....settling in new furry babies....and praying we get more hay!
I will try to get pictures after we get them settled in....since they are coming from a petting zoo...I am hoping they are friendly boys...and don't give me much grief.

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