Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap day?? Ok, WHO is leaping!??

So, yesterday was "leap day" It started out pretty crappy weather wise....storms, tornado's, winds..YIKES! By 1 pm, it was clearing up, and I was able to open the barn....SUNSHINE!! LOTS OF IT! Whoot!!
At 3pm, I went out to do an animal welfare check..just because. I stepped out to see Freddie, just laying on the compost pile. At first I was thinking...ok, he is staying warm...laying in the sun, on warm compost...then, once I called to him, he didn't get up. Not normal...I called several times..he wouldn't even look at me. So, I grab my boots, and head out....once I got to him, I see he has a bloody lip...he had a hard time standing up, and was favoring his left front leg.  See, he is in with Freedom...the mini donkey. Both boys..Freedom is gelded, Fred is intact. Fred seems to think... " I have my man parts, so I am THE BOSS" He really does bully the donkey at the hay feeder. Poor Freedom has to stand back until Fred has his fill. I am thinking Freedom finally got tired of Fred's attitude, and " took care of business" I get into the pasture, and Fred will not let me touch the leg. Being that I had no help to call on, I decided to help him to the shelter, and let him heal for the day. He did eat hay...just very slowly. This morning I looked out, he was up and walking..I didn't notice a limp from where I was standing..I am headed out in a few to do a full check. Poor Freddie...the bully has finally found his match!
Today's weather is supposed to be another beautiful day....the birds are singing, the sun is shining...I will be working in the coops and barn most of the day. I need to get a few things cleaned up and ready for another round of severe thunderstorms, with tornado's possible, on Friday. Welcome spring....In like a lion...out like a lamb?? Lets hope so!!

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