Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crazy weather again!

So Friday, as predicted, we had terrible weather here in Southern Indiana. So many lives lost to the tornado's, complete towns wiped out. We were so very lucky here. I stood at the window, frozen in fear, as a large tornado was barreling down towards us.We literally had a one minute warning...if that! And, if not for my son calling me, to warn me, I would have never known. We were not under a "warning" just a watch. He heard on his radio about the warning in my little town, they said to take cover. So my son called me to make sure I knew.  The tornado stayed up off the ground as it passed over me....but came down just about a mile behind our place. It hit a small town, hard! 4 people lost their lives. So tragic! Today we have to drive through this little town, we are headed to Ohio to visit with my Father in-law. I dread going through there. It was such a quaint little farmers mostly gone.
So last night, as I was in the barn with the animals....thanking God for sparing us once again...I hear the soft meow of a kitten. I look around trying to find it...not in the hay...not in the manger...where is he!?? Then I look up...there in the my little mouser...doing his job.
Mice in the rafters, or just a great vantage point?  I know if I was a mouse, and saw those eyes, I would be scared! At least I know this kitten is doing his job....he later left me  a present on the porch, evidence he is a "hard working kitten" YUK!

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