Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time flies!

Where does time go!?? Seems like it was only a few days ago I was on here, now it has been almost 2 weeks. So much going on. We got the small "spring garden" turned, and planted. Peas and beets...still room for onions. Hoping to get at least 100 sets in this weekend.
The weather has been NUTS! Today, we were at 77 degrees...nice, then a front came through with severe thunderstorms, and in less than 2 hours, the temp dropped to 61 degrees. 16 degrees!!
We had a batch of baby ducks hatch.....Peking and Swedish.

 I made a deal with a young man to trade ducks for Buff Orpington chicks. Chicks are so much easier to care for, not as messy. I will be filling another bator next week, more ducks...but I will be adding Runner Ducks this time. :) My other bator has chicken eggs from my barnyard mix, and a few bantams. They will be due to hatch next Tuesday. Then I will clean it up, and get ready for Turkeys! Yep, my turkeys are starting to lay. After I get all the hatching done for spring...I am hoping to get our meat birds...25 at least.
I have decided to find a home for Freedom...the mini Donkey. He is just too mean...and I can't put any other animal in the pasture with him. He has stomped Fred, the pygmy buck so many times....I am scared he will kill him. So, Sadly, Freedom will have to go.
The 2 hounds are growing like weeds! Magnum, the black and tan is very sweet and docile...while Gunner, the outgoing, and mischievous.
Soon it will be time to shear the sheep. This is a big job, but the wool is so worth it!
Spring is finally here.

..Ahhhhhh, no more breaking ice in more frozen more trudging through snow.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! You have a great blog! I love the pic of your ducklings! I miss having my Pekin ducks! When I get a bigger place I will have them again!

  2. Oh, if you were closer, I could TOTALLY hook you up!! I am over run with ducks... *sigh*