Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy busy....I LOVE spring!

Today was a busy day here at Heavens Door Acres. I was given several "critter cages" like one might use for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs  etc...and a few bird cages. There are 6 or 8 in total...and another load coming in soon. :) Once I get them all here, and cleaned up, I will be making a few fliers, and offering them "free" to the public for donations to our rescue. NO cash will be accepted..feed, bedding etc. Hoping to be able to get these critter cages moved out and donations moved in!
Today I took 2 wagon loads of them to the barn. I also was able to get my strawberries planted while hubby and his brother worked on the siding on the house that was messed up with the last storm. The house looks MUCH better. Tomorrow they guys will start on building the wood shed, for the firewood. They are using the wood crates we get for free to build it. I can't wait to have a place to keep the firewood dry!
Tomorrow morning the 2 hounds are going to the vet to be neutered. I can't believe they are 6 months old already! I feel bad for them having this done, but, they will be MUCH happier once it is over....and so will I! :)
I gathered some grass from the yard today, and planned to give it to the turkeys and chickens had different plans for a 5 gallon bucket of grass clippings.
If I had known they would use 5 gallon buckets, I would NOT have gone through all the trouble to build neat little nest boxes.
We had a little guest the other day....a family called and said they had found him in their yard. They left him overnight to see if it would make it back to the nest. He didn't, and was ice cold when they brought him to me...
He is approximately 8 weeks old, a little grey squirrel. I was able to find a rehab center that had 7 others about his I sent him on his be rehabilitated with them. He will be released once he is able to make it on his own.
We also took in 4 baby ducks. Peking ducks! CUTE, but oh so messy. This brings our total of ducks to 16. *sigh* I can't wait to get the pond fenced, and get them out on the pond....soon...I hope. The goose will go out with them on the pond, as a protector and alarm! Mercy he is LOUD, and loves " his " ducks.

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  1. LOVE the baby squirrel!! The Amish find a lot of them when they are logging around here. Our one Amish friend has a permit to raise and release them when they are displaced from their trees.