Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can someone just SIGH for me?

Oh what a busy few weeks. We have had company every weekend....and having so much fun. My niece and her friend came from Ohio for a few days. Poor Hanna, the friend....was initiated. She wanted to hold a baby I picked one out..and showed her how to hold it so it would stay calm. Well....this 17 yr old girl is NOT a farm girl for sure. She held the duckling close, and it took a poo down the INSIDE of her shirt. I was laughing so hard, tears rolling down my face as she gagged and pulled her shirt up, just as the poo ran down her stomach....I lost it!!!She was squealing and gagging, me and my niece were laughing too hard to help her. Finally my niece scraped the poo off of her friend who then ripped her shirt off, and ran screaming to the house. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! It was an event full weekend to say the least!
This past weekend my brother and his little girl came out. We worked on the garden some, here he is readying the onion bed.
After my brother left, hubby and I worked some more in the other garden.
We were able to get 2 - 30 ft rows of green beans planted, and 24  tomato plants.
This next week I will get the peppers and potato's in...I hope. I also need to get the onions in soon. Hoping to plant at least 200 onions.
The rescue part of this farm was hopping! Friday, we had someone come and surrender a micro pig. He was about 7 months old and 15 pounds. Such a cutie!! Saturday, he was adopted. I love when the rescues come and go quickly. I was able to send 6 ducks to their forever home Friday as well. SO excited to have an empty pen, didn't last long..... Saturday, I had 2 ducks "gifted" to me by a family member.  She had bought them and didn't realize how messy they can be, and grew tired of them. "sigh" So, I now have a pair of Rouen Ducks.
Once they are settled in, they will be let out into their yard.
We had 12 turkey poults hatch out....I was able to sell 6 today. :) The others will stay here! 2 are white, hoping Royal Palm, and one is a Black Spanish. The other 3 are a chocolate mix.
This next week will be busy as planting season is upon between rain storms...if it is not too muddy.


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