Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring has sprung....a leak!

Here we are into spring....ahhhh, the gentle rains...our sleepy world waking up and turning green. Yes....Spring has come. However, right now, it has returned with loads and loads of rain. 4 inches in 2 days. I am thinking I might need to build an Ark! I have a pretty good start on the critters I would need to fill it. My hands are itching to get started on planting. I have the seedling started inside, for the garden..... as soon as the water drains off and the night temps stay warm, I will be able to get them in the garden. Oh I can't wait to smell the fresh turned dirt. With Spring comes new life. Not in the way you might be thinking. Since we do rescue, we never know what "new life" will happen here. It started last week with 2 ducks. I was asked to take them in from a lady that had them in town, in her house. ( oh boy, people never stop making me shake my head in disgust)
They are in good health, however they didn't know what to do with the duck food, since they were raised on dog food. They are now in with my other ducks, after a few days of isolation, and learning how to be ducks. They are still not sure how to clean themselves. Then a few days ago, I get a call about a few goats. The woman tells me " They are not what we were wanting, they are too big" She told me she recently bought 2 Pygmy's and that these two girls are "giants" compared to them. She described them to me and I was able to tell her she had a La Mancha and a Nubian. So, she made arrangements to bring them to us....I worked on fencing off part of the pasture to keep them separate from my girls. The day comes...and so do the "giant" goats. I tried hard to not giggle when I saw them in the back of her truck. Her "giant" goats are in reality... mini's. So, when she saw my full size Alpines...needless to say she realized these two were not "giants" Here are the girls.
They are pretty little girls, yearlings. Friendly and SUPER vocal. Oh boy can they scream!! Every time I step outside, they see me and start in screaming. Not the little Baaah of a goat, but screaming like they are being eaten alive! I hope for my neighbors sake, they settle in quickly, since they are closer to her home than mine. So today... I will put on my rain gear...and try to make sure everyone out there is dry and fed...then I will hide inside most of the day away from the storms. They are calling for possible tornado's, severe lightening, and rain... lots and lots of rain. Flood warnings for rivers and creeks. At least it is not snow!!! Soon, the trees will leaf out, the grasses will grow, and my feed bill will shrink. THAT in itself is a reason to be happy for spring... and summer. Happy Soggy Thursday everyone! Be safe if you are in the line of storms.

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