Friday, November 6, 2015

A wild week....NOT to be repeated...I hope.

This last week has been....Hmmmm...interesting. The emotional train has been on the fast track. It started with great weather, sunshine, warm...almost HOT. Mid 70's in November? *shakes head* I can't complain though....I was able to get quite a bit done. Then as the week went on...Things went south a little...or a lot. Thursday....I laid to rest one of my favorite barn cats. *Punkin* He was a 2 yr old, neutered orange tabby. He was big, and so full of love. Every day as I walked to the barn, he would meet me half way. We would stop there in the open field....greeting each other. We had a "thing" He would walk to me and "meow" I would stop and scratch his head. This always led to him rolling over and begging for tummy scratches. As I went in for the tummy tickles....he would grab my hand with all 4 paws and playfully bite my hand. Then he would jump up and we walked to the barn together. We had this routine for a long time now. Thursday I walked towards the barn...there was no Punkin. My heart raced. A lump filled my tummy. As I walked up to the barn, I see him, laying by the barn door. I can only surmise..he had been grazed by a car and he made it back to the pasture and laid down by the door. :( RIP my sweet Punkin. You will be missed.
Today....the idea of Fall has resurfaced. It was a "blustery" day. Mostly cloudy all day. Even though the sun was able to peek through a few times..with the winds, it stayed fairly cool...almost cold! I didn't let it bother me because I was at work most of the day, cleaning the building we work out of.... "The American Embassy" At least that's what they call it. Haha. We call it...building 12. make my night even better...I sign on to Facebook, and was greeted by a dear friends blog post. This woman really can tell a story. She will keep you on the edge of your seat.. Today...she and another blogger put out a challenge.... thought I would give it a try....So I leave you this evening....with this.
You say Goose...I say HONK! You walk...I squawk You look away....I give chase. Head down, wings out...hissing. You turn to look at me.. I walk away.