Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cats....hogs...and Electric fencing. Oh my!!

Oh boy....we were scheduled for 3 Thanksgiving dinners. As I sat here contemplating each and every bite, I worried of how hard I would have to work to get those pounds off. You know...we have to keep our "girlish figure" Hahaha. we were set for 3. First, in KY at my baby sisters house. That was a Saturday before Thanksgiving. Then on "the day" was ours with our children and their families....then the third in Ohio, with my husbands siblings and father.Well, fate decided for me, that 2 was enough. While at me sisters, I caught some sort of virus/bug. Oh, I wasn't the only one who got nephew got it as well. It was one of those sicknesses where quietly you pray for death just for a bit of relief. The fever grabbed a hold of my brain as the aches wreaked havoc on my poor old body. Fever ran between 100 and 103.7 It was a doozy! Of course, having a farm, you still have animals to take care, twice a day, I would bundle up, put on my "big girl panties" and head out to do chores. By Thursday I was feeling well enough to put together a big Thanksgiving social...then drop back into bed once everyone left. Fever raged once again. Friday, I thought death was coming for me, so I went to urgent care. That Dr had no clue...ears, sinus, throat, lungs...all clear. It was just a fever and aches...and Ohhhh, sooo tired. She wrote a script for the ZPac and sent me home. By Monday, I was still I called my family Dr, told them my symptoms...and they got me right in, but asked me to wear a mask. He checked the same ears,nose,throat, lungs....still clear...urine he ordered a full blood panel. ( Still waiting on those results) By Tuesday I was feeling better...the fever broke...chores were a LOT easier. Knowing to not over do it...I just did what needed to be done...water the barn animals...clean one small coop...feed and water...then back to bed. Today, Wednesday...I am up and...well..I am up. As I head out to do chores...let the ducks out, feed and water chickens...I head to the hog pen. One of the cats, Ringo...loves to follow me while I work. Now, USUALLY he steers clear of the hog pen...not this morning. For some reason, he decided he wanted to follow me in..well, he didn't know about the electric fence. He hit that fence, flew up into the air and INTO the pen...where he panicked..running to the fence line trying to get out and each time running into the electric fence...that old cat hit the electric fence at least 10 times before running into the chain link fence so hard, he got his face wedged into it. Luckily the hogs were busy eating....and he was under the electric fence enough where I could reach him safely. I grabbed the scruff of his neck...and pulled him free, holding tight because I just knew he would freak out once loose...and I didn't want to get shredded by those claws. I headed to the corner to toss him over, when he grabbed the tree and shot straight up!! *sigh* now I have a cat 15 feet in the tree, stunned, hurt, and scared. I went about the chores..letting him rest for a bit...then came back to him. I had to get him from the tree. If he came down on the wrong side of the fence, we would have been in for round two. So I had to wait it case I needed to unplug the fence. I couldn't leave it unplugged because of the hogs. So, I sat, and waited....and waited...about 30 minutes before he finally found the courage to get down. He is fine...just a little frazzled. Then off to the barn to finish out there...throwing hay, laying bedding...getting everyone ready for this winter storm coming in Friday and Saturday. Yes, I said "winter storm" Its all the the temps are supposed to reach almost 70 degrees....and by Friday..highs in the 20' storm, then snow on Saturday. Crazy weather for sure. I am so glad I am over this...whatever it was I had..I am still sore, and tired..but the fever is gone. I am going to head into town and pick up rabbit food...then come home and finish laundry. A good reason to stay inside. Take it easy, and plan for the Christmas parties that are coming up. *sigh* I still have to finish decorating! Running out of time...I need 2 more of me. :)

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