Friday, November 15, 2013

I like what I Like.

So...just a little back-round on our eating habits here. We have been married 33 years. The hubby was in the AF for the first 20 years. We raised 4 children during those years...and it was my job to make sure everyone was fed properly on a military pay scale...sometimes that was almost impossible. We lived on an Air Force base for many of those years, and were not allowed to have a garden. So, we mostly relied on what I could buy locally, or in the commissary. I admit, during those time I didn't focus on "good" food as much as I did on food they would all eat. I rarely cooked the foods that I liked, and grew up on, mainly because the hubby and I came from different back rounds...and our eating habits were not even CLOSE to the same. I was raised in the country...he was raised in the military. Yes, his father was a life long Air Force man as well. here we are....the kids are grown...the husband is adapting to my likes...sorta. There are some foods he will not even TRY. He is head strong like that. *shrugs* more for me, right? Over the last few months, I have decided....there is no reason I can not enjoy the foods I like, that I know he will not eat...if I make them for myself while he is at work. Brunch. I am talking about things like cooked cabbage...collard greens....spinach...pasta with tomato's. My case in's brunch.
Of course....most of my meals include...BACON! Glorious bacon, from the pigs I raised....on pasture. (grabs a napkin to wipe my drool) I started with bacon.....doesn't every meal start with bacon? If SHOULD! I started frying the bacon, and chopped up some onion....Bacon's mate. I set a pot of water to boil for my pasta. I know, pasta is not good for IS good! I LOVE PASTA! Then I set another small pot of water blanch my Collard greens. I wash and de-stem the collard greens,(grab s small bite of the bacon) then get them in the water to blanch, and remove it from the heat. Let those greens rest.( while you snack on another bite of bacon),remove the last of the bacon from the pan..and add the onion...just need to sweat them onions....don't over cook them. This only takes about ONE minute. Drain the greens, toss a little salt on them, and add them to the onions in the pan...and turn the heat off. let them saute just a few minutes. Drain the pasta...add the home canned tomato's and a few of the sauted onions..and plop this in your bowl..Oh, don't forget the pepper!! Now you have your collard greens with onion on your plate...add a few small pieces of bacon...toss it up good. Take the rest of the bacon, and make a sammich. No need to put anything on that sammich, other than bacon. And, there ya have it...Bacon sammich, Pasta with tomato's and onion, and collard greens with onion and bacon. Oh, the hubby wouldn't eat this...other than the least he likes bacon. If he didn't...well...I just don't know what I would do with him. I mean, seriously...who in their right mind wouldn't like bacon? I say, if someone doesn't like bacon....step away from that person...they are dangerous....something in their brain is just not right. So now I have a full tummy....I have the energy I need to get back outside and get busy here. The weatherman said a chance of severe storms on I need to make sure everything outside is strapped down and animals will stay dry. Never a dull moment on this farm....always something to you better start you day off....with BACON!

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