Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zero dark thirty.

Yes, that is the time here today....( actually 06:30) It is still black as ink out there. Temps are in the mid 30's so I dutifully put a fire in the wood stove. It is so peaceful here on the farm in the mornings....the animals are still sleeping, the fire crackling, and my cup of coffee, steaming and tickling my nose as I sip it. I love early mornings. I know a lot of people don't like getting up early...and say " I am not a morning person" However, I am. During the warmer days, I like to get up and take my coffee on the porch to watch this farm come to life. One by one I can hear the chickens start to stir in their coops...the Roosters singing loud and proud, waking everyone up. The ducks start to stir and make soft muffled to the distant...I hear a few grunts from the pigs...I don't think they are morning pigs. The barn kittens awake with more life in them than should be allowed. They scamper around...chasing whatever moves...a leaf..a piece of hay...momma's tail as she flickers it in distaste with their energy. Eventually the sheep start to the sun peeks higher from behind the trees...they stretch..and finally notice me on the porch...and call to me. Yes, mornings on the farm are wonderful....some mornings I just wish I could freeze time...and inhale every moment. Winter mornings are more hush...more muffled...seems every animal rises a bit slower...not wanting to leave their warm spots. I can't blame them...some mornings I grumble at my alarm...knowing that from under my warm blanket I will be met with a chill in the air...This only makes me move a bit more quickly to get coffee going and a fire crackling. Shortly I will be headed outside...getting MY day started. It is the weekend...after feeding and watering all of the animals...throwing a bit of hay...I need to clean under the rabbit hutches...and add more bedding. Then I will be off to the woods. Time to start gathering more wood for the long winter that is quickly advancing on us. I have a feeling we will be needing every scrap we can get this year. I sliced a few Persimmon seeds a couple weeks back. The " old farmers tale" is.....if you slice a persimmon seed, and see spoons, you will be shoveling a lot of snow. Guess what? ALL SPOONS. I don't know if I want to smile or not about that. I love snow..but as I am getting older I realize just how much longer it takes me to get these chores done in the deep snow. I will just have to prepare everyone as much as I can.Deep litter bedding...covered windows...heated water dishes and a good stash of feed for all. The fire wood is always a worry for me tho. My fear is running out. A few years back...we did...we were looking for scraps in the edge of the woods calling everyone we could, to see if we could get a load delivered. It was a cold winter, and no one had "extra" wood. I don't ever want to go through that, I "hoard" wood now...when I can. Oh, we have a propane furnace....but if the power goes out, that furnace is useless. Besides...propane is expensive, so we try not to let that come on...keeping it set at 65 degrees...most times it only kicks on during the wee hours of the mornings...and only until I can get a good fire going. What will you be doing to get prepared for winter?? It is knocking at our doors......It won't be long...until we will be waking up to this....

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