Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is Fall a busy time for you?

Fall can be a wonderful time. The end to a fast and furious summer of gardening, raising you farm animals and keeping them safe, fed, and happy, and readying the ones that are meant to butcher. I just love summer....spending time outside in the sun and fresh air. However, I have to say, Fall is my favorite time of year. Watching the earth ready itself for a long winter nap. Everything slows down a bit...the grass isn't growing so fast....the changing of colors in the trees and fields. I know a few people are saddened by the end of summer..saying things like " everything is dying back" or "It looks depressing not to see brightly colored flowers, and tall grasses swaying in the breeze" For me....I love it. This planet gives it's all for summer....feeding each and every animal and human throughout its warm summer days. She needs a time to rest as well. This is a time to finish up the last of the garden preps. Make sure to clean it out, and put down your mulch. Let winter snows and rains refresh your soils as the mulch breaks down. Don't forget to clean and sharpen your garden tools, they need to be put to "rest" for winter as well. After cleaning and sharpening mine, I like to put a light layer of grease on them to keep them from rusting. I have been busy here doing last minute repairs for winter. Getting the poultry settled in their winter homes...making sure they are warm and safe during these up coming cold and dark days. I still need to get out the poultry water heaters I made from cookie tins. These are great for keeping the waters from freezing, and making my job easier. I have been saving the clear plastic bags that the pine shavings came in, and I will be putting that around the windows to keep the cold winter nights out as well. Today as I came back from the barn....I walked by the garden ( that I have yet to clean out) and I spied a small bit of Broccoli left on the stalk. I quickly snapped it off. It isn't much but will make a great lunch.
I then finished gathering the last of the green bean seed pods. This years green beans did so well. I am excited to have the seeds from them for next year. Here they are drying in the house. I just string them with a needle and thread, and hang them in a place where they will get air, and be warm.
There is still so much that needs to be done before that first snow fall, but I am almost finished with all of the BIG jobs. Winter.....a time to rest our tired bones...use our brains for planning next years planting and dreams...spending time with loved one during the Holidays. Yes, winter is just around the corner...and I am sure you will read many times about how I "hate breaking ice in water troughs" or how " the snow makes it hard to get from one place to another" but know this...inside, I am loving winter...

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  1. OK, you almost convinced like Winter....almost....LOL!! I do like the colors of fall!