Monday, September 30, 2013

Someone....stop me...

OK, So a few weeks ago I said " I am finished canning green beans" That was when I think I had 45 or so pints. I just picked green beans 3 days ago, and then again today....there are now 65 pints and 7 quarts ( in the canner now) for the pantry. SOMEONE STOP ME! I have left SEVERAL of the nicer looking beans go to seed...just looking at those long fat beans just starting to yellow on the vines...does my heart good. I am SURE there are enough seeds out there for at LEAST 2 years worth of, I feel I MUST pick what keeps growing. I think it is time to face a fact.... I am a food hoarder. OK, not a hoarder like...those people on that show, American Prepper. Nope, I don't have 10 years worth of food, and enough seed to completely supply gardens for half of America. However, I DO know what it is like to have REAL hunger pains...and know there is nothing in the home to you drink a lot of water. I know that pain, that fear...from my childhood. Hey, times were tough in the late 60's and 70's. My mother had 5 of us kids to feed, and mostly by herself. She did what she could...there were a LOT of meals of bean soup...or biscuits and gravy...but, there was food, maybe some times there was not a second helping...but here I am...alive....Thank you Mom! So, with that behind me....when I walk past my garden, and see those long green beans....waving at me....taunting me ...I MUST PICK THEM! And pick them I did. We might have to survive on pork from the 2 hogs we had butchered...and green beans...but we will survive the winter! Hey, there is ALWAYS the good old back up of bean soup or biscuits and gravy right? :)


  1. I'm with you, sister. I have been hungry, and had to live on a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread for a week. I always have a stocked pantry at my house, and I don't care what they want to call me. lol Not 10 years worth, like you said, but enough that I can feed us. And feed us well, for quite a bit...Loving your blog...

  2. I hear you! I would be picking and canning them up, too! I don't have 10 years worth of food, but I do have six kids lol We plant multiple garden plots each year. I do not understand people who have completely empty cupboards or shop for their meals daily instead of just stocking their pantry!

  3. My family has been having this issue with zucchini! We have zucchini everything now. XD