Sunday, September 29, 2013

Corn as high as an Elephants eye!

OK, so I goofed....I THOUGHT I planted sweet it grew.....and grew....and grew...I realized I had grabbed the wrong bag of seed. I had planted White Sure Crop. Well, not ALL is lost...although it is not enough to get all of the animals through will help. Today I set out to get the corn brought in. Making bundles of the hang in the barn so I can feed the sheep and goats off of it through winter. Here it is after I got it all pulled...into a pile.
Wrapped into sections...
Of course I had to give some to the sheep and goats...they were watching me gather it, and waiting patiently at the fence...
They sure were happy that I gave them some...fresh! I also saved a bit for the deco for Fall.
I have gourds and other deco I will add later... I'm telling ya...THAT is some TALL corn!!
And a bit strange..... From a patch of garden....maybe 20 x 20....I ended up with about 2 bushels of feed corn.
And enough for them to snack on for a few months.

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