Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Green Beans and Bumble Bee's...OH MY!!!!

Remember that cute little childhood song....I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee?? Well....as you read these next few line....think of that little song....... I'm in the garden picking my green beans Oh how these will be yummy in my tummy, I'm in the garden picking my green beans..OUCH something BIT ME! I'm running from the angry bumble bee why is he so angry with me? I'm running from the angry bumblebee, hurry, its catching me! I'm spilling all of my green beans here and there all on the ground behind me, I'm spilling all of my green beans darn, there's so many!! I'm dabbing on the mud from the bee sting ouch I say as on and on I'm dabbing I'm dabbing on the mud from the bee sting Ahhhh, that helps me. OK, so seriously....You have to give respect to the little black and yellow bumblebee. I mean, seriously, think about it....I am at least 1000 times BIGGER than it is...yet it goes after it's foe...without fear. And I RUN!! If only I spoke bee...or it understood English. I could have explained to that little black and yellow insect from hell that I was NOT after the blossoms in the bean patch. I only wanted the beans... *sigh* I was able to go back out later and collect my prize...without the bee seeing me. Oh, I looked around...I quickly scooped up my little green gems and back to the house. I picked about 6 or 7 pints. I needed to get the tomato's, but I fear that by now he has called for backup...and they are waiting out there in the garden, hiding under the leaves, waiting to ambush me. So I decided I would grab the weed eater and head to the goats pen. Since my girls are So spoiled....they feel eating weeds are below them...so I must mow the weeds down. *sigh* I have not used the weed eater before...it is as long as I am tall...and I am 5 ft tall...it is heavy...loud, and vibrates like crazy!! But, I sucked it up and got out there and took care of that job...now I can barely feel my hands. I was soaked in sweat...literally. It looked like I had jumped in the pond. Wearily I took the weed eater back to the shop and hung it in it's spot....let it rest...It deserves a good rest after what I just put it through. I came inside...changed into dry clothes, after rinsing in the shower quickly...grabbed my water and I am resting, sipping water. Oh, and I am eating my brunch...a big hunk of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing! Oh how I love being a grown up! After my hands quit shaking....I will head up to the kitchen and can the apple butter I cooked down all night. Then I will finish up with the green beans. Two loads of laundry on the line..I will try to get one more out there. It is almost noon...and I am already worn out, sore, and have battle scars! What a day already. I think since today's weather is going to be miserable, mid to upper 90's with matching humidity..and the "real feel" in triple digits, I will work inside today. Maybe work on making newspaper fire logs. Yeah, that is a good plan, sitting down, in the AC yet being productive!

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