Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Greedy or good?

OK, lets get a little serious here....just for a minute. I was trying to fit the "last" 6 pints of green beans into the pantry. I had to move this, re-organize that, to make them fit. So, I had declared " I am finished with green beans" I have to say, we HAVE been blessed with a fairly good harvest this year. So, this morning I headed out to get the last of the tomato's, at least, I am pretty sure it will be the last. As I walked by those green beans...I noticed there were so many left! Still blooming! Then I hear this little voice in my head..."Even tho you have enough to get yourself through winter, pick them, process them, you will need them" I have already let several of them go to seed...so I picked...and picked. I am not sure if this is my greedy voice in me saying, "don't let them go to waste" or some how God speaking to me saying " There will be others you will need to feed" Either way...I picked them and will can them this afternoon. I picked about a half bushel of tomato's and maybe 3 quarts of Jalapeno peppers. As soon as I find my gloves, I will slice and can those peppers for later use. It was a bit chilly this morning, mid 40's. Brrr. Too early for this weather. It was pretty cool in the house, my Macaw, Nikki was sitting in the corner of her cage, flipping her wing.....letting me know she was cold. So, I did it...I started a fire in the wood stove. Just enough to take the chill off the air. I moved Nikki closer to the wood stove. It wasn't long before she was talking up a storm. Going through her entire vocabulary. She has quite a large vocab. too! She really cracks me up sometimes. A few nights ago, she was sitting in her house, ( she doesn't like it to be called a cage) and she asked me...Cracker? I said...No, Nikki, no cracker for you. She looked straight at me and very loudly said HU!???? I cracked up...then she laughed...then I laughed harder. She is a smart bird...If she see's me getting my shoes on, she will say...Bye-bye. When she is lonely, she say's "Come here baby" Yep, we love our Nikki. Time to get these tomato's cooked down and canned. Before we know it...those white flakes will be in the air. *sigh*

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