Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Filling the pantry, a little at a time.

So last Monday, a friend called me and asked if I "needed" some corn. Well, yeah, don't we ALL "need " corn!?? She and her husband had gone to a fruit and vegetable auction and bought a LOT of corn. I am not sure how much, but she had 20 DOZEN she " could let go"I being a good friend, relieved her of 10 dozen. Well....the last few days slipped away from me, so today I HAD to get to that corn! Whoa boy, that is a lot of corn! After morning chores, feeding, watering, throwing hay...I decided to drag water hoses out to clean and fill the 5 duck pools and the pigs pool and trough. Then I had to get really busy. Off to the garden...I picked green beans. There wasn't too many, I ended up with 6 pints. Not too bad. Then my neighbor came over, and she and I shucked the first bag of corn. 5 dozen! I ended up with 16 pints and 7 bags of corn on the cob. Whew! Busy in the kitchen all day! Yesterday I canned up 8 pints of carrots. They sure will be good this winter, and they look great in the pantry. Filling it a few jars at a time.
Tomorrow I plan to finish the last 5 dozen ears of corn, and hope to get the tomato's worked up into sauce. Then I have a few potato's to get canned....only about 30 pounds. But, a few more jars in the pantry! We have been blessed with a good harvest this year...a lot of work, but worth it to know we have food to get us through the winter.

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