Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day!? I think NOT !

So, today is Labor Day. The last big hoorah of the summer. No big plans here, but definitely NOT going to "labor" After morning chores I came in and made breakfast. Sausage patties from our pig. Oh my!! They were so good!
This is one of the things I LOVE about home grown pork. There is hardly any grease in the pan and the recipe our butcher uses is wonderful! With a full tummy, I retreated to the family room to relax a bit. One of our son's came over and brought the 3 grand kids. I just LOVE spending time with them. I have to say, I have the CUTEST grand kids on the planet! We went outside for a bit and went to the garden. The oldest one, our grand son is almost 13, ( WOW!) He helped me pull a few weeds in the garden. Not really trying to be productive, just looking for tomato's in the weeds. This is the small garden, with volunteer tomato plants. We filled a small basket with delicious tomato's. The 3 yr old grand daughter was having so much fun picking tomato's. I sent her home with one for each hand. Not sure they will make it home...the last time I sent her home with an egg, for helping me collect them. That egg didn't have a chance...neither did the carpet in their car. Ooops! After they left to go home, the hubby hopped on the riding mower...I came back relax. Yep...that is what I have planned for the entire day....relaxing....Well..I still have the morning and evening chores...and I weeded the big garden this morning...and some of the small garden with the grand kids....cleaned the kitchen and I am planning to make thick ham steaks on the grill. But that is not really "working" Maybe I will head over to the pond, and drown a few worms, see if the fish are biting.

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