Friday, December 19, 2014

Blinking lights...tinsel....and the smell of Christmas.

Christmas time is busy. Stringing lights....wrapping gifts...decorating inside and out...and baking. Mix that all in with a homestead and you have one tired momma! That is me. We are finished with all of the decorating....finally. This Sunday our home will be filled with laughter and love. My two sisters and their families will all be here for our family Christmas party. We host it every year, since we have the largest home and plenty parking. I try to make it as festive as possible...with plenty decorations....everywhere! Yes...everywhere.
The entryway banister. This is what greets our guests.
In the front yard...a few of the decorations. The tree....
The Village...
There are so many more....but I didn't want to bore you.... So today....After the morning chores...I have 5 ricks of firewood being delivered. I was able to get a good deal... at least I think...I can only hope they will stack it for me, but if not...then I will have to get to it when I can. After the wood is delivered I need to make one last trip into town for last minute groceries so I can get to baking. For the Family gathering, we will have "finger foods" Sandwiches, cranberry meatballs and mini sausages, a large vegetable platter with dips, cookies, brownies, sweet breads....oh boy do I have a lot to get finished! We always have what is called a "dirty Santa" gift grab. Everyone puts a gift in the middle of the floor....and we draw numbers. Starting at one...pick a gift and open it....then number two...if they want number ones gift, they "grab it" and switch. It is exciting and fun...and the gifts are always great! This is what I received last year....
Luckily I had a high there was little chance that someone would "grab" it from me! The children receive several gifts. As the hostess, I buy each child a small gift...then that child's parents buy them each a gift... and usually my 2 sisters buy each child a gift. It really is about the kids...and the food and making memories. By Sunday morning...I will be found laying in a heap of Christmas bliss....Then I will have just a few days to recover for Christmas day. More baking, cleaning, and gift wrapping.One more trip into town to buy gifts for all of the critters outside. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be found by each one Christmas morning. Hanging cabbages for the chickens.... a mix of apples and carrots for the pigs, goats and rabbits. The dogs will have wrapped toys under the tree and snacks in their stockings. Nikki, our Macaw will not be left out. She too will have new toys and treats. Do you give your critters "gifts" this time of year?

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