Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bitterly cold.....angry goats....

So the weather people are saying.... " Stay inside, if you must go outside, make short trips, cover ALL skin." is cold this morning and the temps are falling. It is currently 12 degrees....but the temps will drop as the day goes on...single digits and dangerously cold negative wind chills. So last night I called the 2 Doe goats into the barn for dinner and put their coats on them. They do NOT like the coats...but I don't like seeing them shivering. Oh, I am sure when I get out there this morning I will find the coats on the floor, in a heap. Silly goats! Don't they know....somewhere out there in this frozen world, there are goats wishing they had coats? So, with the weather predictions for today/tonight... I made a decision to keep the critters inside today. Oh, they will NOT be happy with me I am sure. Silly goats just don't understand it is for their own good. The chickens will be kept inside as well...I am going to hang cabbages in the coops for them, to keep them occupied. They love cabbage, and keeps them from getting bored and pecking at each other. My biggest concern will be for the pigs....trying to keep them warm is going to be a bigger job. Every time I put clean straw in their huts, they potty in there...making it all wet again. *sigh* silly pigs! I will stay busy taking warm water to all of the critters today, every few hours. Keeping them hydrated in this weather is really important. So, if you have these cold temps....layer up the clothing....keep the fire blazing....and drink lots of WATER....I plan on sticking inside as much as possible today. Maybe today I will work on getting some of these decorations put away.

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