Thursday, January 15, 2015

Now she is messing with us....

Who is messing with us? Why Mother Nature, of course. Remember a week ago, we were in the deep freeze? Single digit temps, negative wind chills....Everything froze solid. The water troughs for the goats.... SOLID ice! So, of course, this means, me carrying bucket after bucket of warm water to each and every one of the critters. *sigh* I think my arms are at least 2 inches longer now. Well, ok, maybe not, but they feel like it. So, just when I get my muscles used to carrying 35 to 40 pounds of water each time....twice a day.....old Mother Nature warm up. Now, I am not complaining about the warm up...other than we will be mid calf high in poop will be nice to see the water troughs start to melt. Our weather person said Saturday will be Sunny and in the low 50's! I dare not get too excited....however I will be busy catching up on a few outside jobs for sure! I plan on working from sun up to sun down....because.....are you ready for this?? Sunday we are possibly getting SNOW! How is this fair!??? It's NOT. But....I am going to relish in the fresh air Saturday and get as much taken care of outside as I can. Fix fencing, get the last of the Christmas decorations tucked away, clean rabbit pens, put new bedding down for the chickens...clean out the hog huts and give them fresh straw...and hopefully get in the woods and drag out some of the smaller stuff for starter. Seems like an awful lot to try to cram into one day...but I think I can....I think I can. Soon it will be time to get those seeds started for the gardens. So once the weather decides to turn on us again, and we are stuck inside because of breath taking cold temps....I will sit down and start planning the garden out and getting my seed trays ready. YAY for seed starting! I do't want to jump the gun and start them too soon...but I sure can't wait until it is time to get them going...that means spring is coming soon!

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