Saturday, January 17, 2015

Itchy hands....cold noses.

No, I do not have some weird "disease" I think there are many other people out there with these same conditions. "Itchy hands" Today we are supposed to reach near 60 degrees! Can you believe it? Just not so many day's ago.....It was so cold it hurt to breath out there. The goats were shivering, the chickens sitting fluffed up on the roost's, refusing to come down and lay eggs, the geese scolded me every time I went outside, like it was MY fault it was so cold...and the rabbits, , those rabbits....deciding now is the time to use that "saved breeding" so they could have babies. "lets see if this old woman can keep us warm" I am almost certain that is what they were thinking. Waite..."saved breeding"? Yes....I was perplexed as well.....see, one of my Doe's was doing everything possible to get to her man....she chewed through a wall....he chewed from the other side....until they were finally joined in rabbit bliss. Now....I don't even pretend that I can get inside those little rabbit I turned to the internet for advise. It turns out, that rabbits will breed....then 31 to 33 days later, a tiny little miracle. ( or 9 of them ) Then, about 5 weeks later....I noticed she was pulling fur again. What the what?? Of course it was the night we had our COLDEST temps....and I had NO IDEA she would be able to have another litter so soon after having the first...but she had 12 little ones. 12!!! Unfortunately...none of that litter made it. It was just too cold. So now I know...Doe's have "two horns" ( I didn't know they were called that, and I immediately thought "Horns of plenty" ) and although it is not common, a rabbit can be pregnant in both horns, and kindle 5 weeks apart. My mother used to tell me, " you should try to learn something new, every day" Well, if you didn't know that about you do. Your learning for today is done! You can now have the rest of the day...just doing fun stuff. You're welcome. :) OK, I was led a little off topic back to the "itching hands" I am itching to get in the garden. I want to feel the sun on my back...smell the fresh turned soil....I want to taste FRESH vegetables again....I just want to get back to gardening. This warm weather is making it even worse! It is hard to hold back on planting my seeds inside. I need to wait a few more weeks yet. My mouth waters when I think of biting into a sun warmed ripe tomato...the acid biting back at my tongue....juices running down my chin. *sigh* Come on summer! Of course....once those 100 degree temps hit...and we feel like we are melting because it is so hot, some of us will be begging for fall to get here. Humans....seems we are never completely satisfied. So for now, I sit here with a blanket around my shoulders....the wood stove blazing....a hot cup of coffee...and dreaming of summer days...and summer nights.

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