Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dodging the bullet!

Oh boy....for the last week, our weather people have been whining and warning about this "potentially big snow storm" that we were supposed to get today...during Super Bowl. So, I ran around like a crazy bedding and fluffing beds....adding more straw and pine shavings....ready to lock everyone in for a day. Gave the poultry extra water dishes just in case I couldn't get to them for a day, made sure their feeders were full. Checked our own food supplies....made sure we were good to go. ( we are) Got all of the laundry caught up...brought in firewood, split more wood. By this morning...I was feeling pretty darned good about myself...I was ready for whatever....and....we got all rain. *sigh* Oh, I am not complaining about NOT getting snow. Well, OK maybe just a little. I ran in circles for a few days checking and double checking everything.... and we get rain. Oh least all the animals are happy. So, one of our female rabbits had a litter of 9 kits a while back. 9 weeks ago actually.
I have been able to find 6 of the 9 babies, good homes. The other 3 are "promised" just waiting on the people to come get them. Then I need to focus on the other female. She has a litter of 5. One of the wee ones has a slight deformity. One ear just isn't growing like the other one.
This wee one will most likely live its life out here. Now I will need to come up with a cute name for it...once I can identify if it is male or female. Still a bit too young... for me to tell. Next week I am getting the seeds out...and getting ready to get my seeds started for the garden. Yep, it is getting to be that time. YAY! I can't wait! I want to smell the fresh turned dirt. I want to fee the sun, warm on my back. I want to open the windows in the house!! Are you getting excited , thinking about starting seeds??

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