Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Baby is co..." well, you know the rest.

It is colder than a well diggers bottom. Thats what my grandpa used to say. This morning when I got up at 5 am, I immediately looked at the weather. It said.. -4 Fair. Really?? What is "fair" about it being negative 4 degrees??? I so wanted to crawl back under the covers and just lay there and grumble. Then I heard the furnace kick in, Oh no. not on MY watch. I had to get up and get that wood stove going. It was 68 degrees in here, and my Macaw Nikki was NOT liking it at all. So I threw a few logs on the fire, and in no time I had it a nice balmy 73 degrees. MUCH better. OFF with you furnace OFF I say! I grabbed my coffee and settled in for a bit, before heading outside for morning chores. Watched a bit of the news...so depressing. I don't usually watch too much news. So much ugliness going on in this world. The BIGGEST ugly is what the weatherman is spewing. " The coldest temperatures we have seen in over 10 years" Did I see a smile on his face?? Why I aughtta .... takes a sip of coffee to keep from saying mean things. So 2 cups of coffee in me.... 2 layers of clothes on...I check the weather again, SURELY it has warmed up, right?? No.....no....it actually is getting COLDER! By 8 am it is NEGATIVE 7 ! JEESH! " It's not fair" ( I whined ) " Stupid winter" ( I grumbled under my breath) Filled up the water buckets with really warm water, I head out to the barn where I find the sheep and goats acting like it is summertime! The goats are outside headbutting and playing....the sheep running and playing. Brain freeze, that MUST be it! Their brains are frozen and they are delirious. Walking back to the house, I stopped to just take in the sight. Everything is frosty....frozen in time....waiting on Spring...just like me. A Christmas ornament, forgotten...frosted by the cold....
A Cedar tree, its branches weighed down with yesterday's snow..
Waiting for its time....remembering the laughter that rang out around the table last summer.
All of the animals have been attended too. Back inside, sitting by the warm fire, a wave of guilt washes over me thinking about the animals outside. But they are OK, full tummies, fresh clean water, dry bedding. I am hibernating inside today. Today is a good day to catch up on cleaning. What are you doing to pass time inside...is cabin fever getting you yet?

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