Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lost in thought this evening....

So I was talking to someone this evening, about Homesteading and such, and that got me to thinking. We were sharing ideas, how to's, and a few what if's. Our talk was positive...both of us telling the other how we got to where we are, and where we want to be in the coming years. Then I stopped...and realized...it all sounded like a fairy tale. How many people do each of us share our adventures with with laughter, and upbeat stories? We boast with pride over our accomplishments....we share pictures and stories of things we were able to do....but in reality...how many times have we sat in the corner of the barn, with one of our critters laying in our lap, waiting for it to take its last breath, praying it doesn't, hoping it would end the suffering soon? Or how many times have we thrown our hands up in frustration at a failed garden crop or a load of something we worked so hard to can, and it didn't seal? I know I have several times after getting only a few hours sleep, getting up before the sun in the summer so I can get the work done outside before the heat of the day, then working inside trying to catch up the neglected housework then heading back out after the heat of the day starts to let up...and by dark...falling into my chair...threatening to sell everything and move to the city. I babble about living in an apartment where we don't have to mow, or weed, or fix anything. We rarely talk about these moments. Most of us have friends or family members that think we are crazy for living this way....working hard...no vacations...loves and losses...so we do not let them see our frustrations... we don't mention to them how some days we just want to give it all up....we don't let them see us cry when we are so tired and exhausted from the way of life we really DO love. But WHY? Surely they all know that homesteading or farming is no cake walk. They MUST know that what we do is hard yet very rewarding. As I get older I tend to think, maybe it is time to tone it back a bit....then I think...and do what with the extra time? Lay around by the pool? Can't do that because I usually forget to clean it or shock it after a rain, so it is green water for a few days. Maybe take a vacation? To where? Somewhere where there is an illness ravaging the area, where I might be unfortunate enough to contract? Pass. This really is the only life for me. Working hard...then being able to sit back as the sun goes down, looking around at our accomplishments...and thanking God for all we have...and for the strength to do it. It is hard work....there are up's and down's.. But...it is so very rewarding. Is this way of life for everyone? No. I don't believe it is. Some people are made to work in an office, live in high rises or suburbs...and some are made to live in the country and work outside in the weather and get dirty. Whatever you are made of...no matter your choice in life.....just remember....every lifestyle has good and bad days..weeks...months..and even years, and no matter what you hear....farming/homesteading is not a fairy tale way of life. There are bound to be losses, whether they are animal or plant or even financial. Most of us just don't like to talk about it.

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