Monday, March 2, 2015

More snow.... GRRRRRRRRRRRrreat!

OK, so by this time of the season....a lot of us are grumbling about every single snowflake that makes it's way down with it's millions or trillions of friends. I am no different. Yesterday morning, as I headed out to do the morning chores....the snow was really coming down. Big wet flakes. I started grumbling about I headed out, I stopped. Everything was silent...I just love the "hush" that seems to come with almost every snowfall. Most of the animals and critters run for cover...waiting out the snow...but not all of them. As I stool there, listening and watching the snow blanket the homestead..I heard a familiar "knocking" sound. " Tap, tap, tap" I looked around and saw where it was coming from....this guy..
Every spring a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers come to visit. They will hang around for a few weeks, then fly off to start their family. As I stood there taking in their beauty I captured a few more pictures I would like to share.
One of our gardens... we call it the Spring is the smaller of the 2 gardens we work with and usually is the first one we can get in and plant. I like to start the cooler vegetables in here. Peas, Brussels sprouts, Beets, lettuce and cabbages call this little spot home. Here it sits in limbo...waiting.
This birdhouse...waiting on it's next inhabitants...
This flag hangs outside of the rabbit house...frozen and hanging heavy with the wet snow. We didn't get a lot of snow....maybe another inch. It actually started to rain a little, later in the day...making slush everywhere. I am not a fan of slush. I carried on with the morning chores...taking water to everyone...filling feeders...throwing hay...turning bedding to fluff it a few pats on the heads and cheek scratches. Once inside, back to the warmth and safety of our home...I realized that this was going on in the storage area......
These potato's are ready to go in the garden and I am ready to get them in there. So.... Come on Spring....lets get this growing season going here!

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