Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seedlings.....cats.....dogs... *sigh*

So, several weeks ago, I had planted my seeds for the garden. This year I was excited to start my herb garden. I stood out by the big garden area...contemplating where everything will be planted this spring....and where my herbs will go. Inside, my little seedlings are "safe", warm and growing. Well, except for my herbs. I was stumped. Why are the herbs not growing? Tomato's, onions, cauliflower, lettuce...everything....looking good, just not the herbs. Then.....I saw why. I was fixing supper....busy in the kitchen, just a few feet from my precious seedlings....I glance over at them only to see....CHUBBY KITTY EATING THEM! *AAAAAAHhhhhh* !!! Bad kitty!! He jumped down and ran off to the safety of the family room. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Stupid cat! OK, not really....he is actually pretty smart..eating the super soft green seedlings. Just don't eat MY seedlings! Looks like it is time to replant the ones he finished off...and figure out a way to block him from getting to them. Oh how I wish I had a green house. Then there for sure would be no more "kitty snacks" Now, you may be asking...what does a dog have to do with this? Well, nothing indirectly. The in cahoots with the cat to either drive me totally insane...or kill me trying. These two are best of friends.
Now this beautiful big dog is "my dog" I "saved" him from a high kill shelter 2 years ago He was just a 3 or 4 month old pup. I brought him into my home....loved him....guided him...and he has become my protector. We have bonded like no other. Until ..... This evening, I was sitting here, minding my own business just relaxing and watching some TV. The cat was laying in the chair curled up all smug with a full tummy of tender greens...soaking in the heat from the wood stove that I have been slaving over. The dog...comes in the room....stops to say hello to his cohort...then looks at me and wags his tale. Now, I don't speak cat or dog...however I am sure there was some sort of dialog between these two. The dog starts walking towards me....tail wagging...head down. I watch him out of the corner of my eye...he is walking slow...sniffing the carpet? I shrug it off, silly dog. He gets closer...I realize his tail is wagging enough to create a small breeze. This is when I turn my attention to him...just what is he doing? Then I saw was black...and I think hairy...with 8 legs, beady eyes and I bet it weighed 8 pounds!! That dog was coaxing it towards me. He wanted it to climb up my leg and bite my neck and suck my blood...I am sure!! Then something happened....It was uncontrollable. My legs started dancing...stomping the ground around me...and it happened. The big black creature that was being coaxed towards me...met its doom under my slipper. The dog stopped...looking at me cocking his head...once he saw it laying there....he walked up to it and poked it with his nose. That is when he realized the creature was not moving....he looked at me with such a look as if to say.. " I can't believe you did that" Then, he just turned and walked away. Foiled!! HA HA! I won THAT little battle. Now to figure out how to keep the cat from my precious seedlings.

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