Sunday, March 15, 2015

S P R I N G ...... getting ready to get busy.

Yep, we all grumbled through the last month or so of winter. It wasn't just was a test of our humanity. Did you come out of it sane?? It was close for me. Whew! I am so glad the worst is over. Oh, I am sure we still have a few cold mornings left...even a few freezes I am sure. However....we made it....Spring is FINALLY is evident when I heard this..........
One lonely little peeper....calling out to wake the masses...telling them to wake up, Spring is here! With Spring comes the " BIG MELT". Remember all of that snow? Well, not only did it melt but it had help melting with just over 24 hours of a steady rainfall. I was glad to watch the snow melt...
but Ohhhh, the flooding!
Hoping we get warmer temps seeds are started and my potato seed's are begging me to put them in the soil...not yet...slow down there!!
Soon my pretties.....soon.

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