Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weather teasers..

Yes, the weather is toying with us. We had one day of almost 75 was beautiful. I stayed outside most of the day. I was able to get quite a few little tasks finished up. Then the weather turned cold again. *sigh* I will look at it as a time to rest up from the first good long day. I can tell you, I slept like a log. This weekend we are supposed to get back in the 70's again. My plan is to work on the hog pen. The winter has been tough on the electric wire fence. So have the pigs. They like to rut the mud and straw towards the fence line, covering the hot wire. So, I will most likely spend most of Saturday, shoveling pig "stuff" away from the fence. I will have to tighten the hot wire as seems to have stretched a bit and in some places I have had to prop it up with a stick to keep it off of the ground. A "quick fix" during the cold winter. My seedlings are just starting to poke through the soil. I am getting excited to get them in the ground...grow babies grow. This year we will be putting in our Thorn-less blackberry patch. I am hoping to have enough to have at least 4 - 15 ft rows to start out. Maybe next year we will increase it, or even double it. My goal is to have enough for us, and to sell at the farmers market along with the strawberries, creating just a little more income for our homestead. I am planning to save enough from summer sales to purchase a log splitter. We are not getting any younger, and because we depend on wood for heat...we go through a lot. Splitting wood by hand is hard work....harder than I want to work. :) This time of year I start the incubators. I need to get some fresh layers in our group. The goose is laying now, so I will put a few of her eggs in there...along with the Guineas. I am looking forward to bonding with the new babies. So, what are your spring plans besides getting the garden going???

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