Friday, February 13, 2015

New faces...and cold!

New faces here at Heavens Door Acres. These two ewes belonged to a young girl over in Ohio. She had them for a few years in 4 H. They are sweet ewes, and large! They have been here a few days and are super friendly, almost TOO friendly. When I go out to feed them, they run circles around me.....making it hard to get them fed. Did I tell you they are HUGE!? LOL Welcome to Molly and Charlotte.
Here they are standing next to me sweet little Laura, a Shetland ewe. They are Suffolk / Hampshire cross. The girl that had them, didn't want them going to they will spend the rest of their days here....keeping the pastures mowed for us... and making me smile. We are back into the frigid temps is 13 degrees right now...and I am NOT happy. I WANT SPRING! They are talking about that 4 letter word *SNOW* over the weekend. I believe they said 3 inches.... *sigh* So, back to putting on the layers while doing chores...hauling warm buckets of water to the critters....fluffing bedding and throwing clean straw for everyone. I don't know about you....but I for one am just about over this winter.

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