Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas is coming.....and the goose is getting fat!

Yes, Christmas is coming....ready or not...we can't stop time. For the most part, we are right on track. I have purchased all of the gifts for the grand babies....the Christmas cards are sent...decorations and lights are up and now I need to settle in for a full day of wrapping gifts. Every year we try to change up the decorations in the front yard. This year, I personally think they turned out great! Even this little guy was getting " into" the spirit of decorating.
This Cedar tree was planted by our son and grandson about 5 years ago. It was less than a foot tall with hardly any root when they plopped it into the ground. It now stands over 20 feet tall! About 3 years ago I put Christmas lights on the tree, then never took them down. The tree has grown, the lights are now inside the tree. It is so pretty, hard to catch in a picture. I really dread if the lights ever burn out.
This big old moose has sat in our yard every Christmas for many years now. His head used to sway side to side, however over the years he got...tired. LOL Thats ok, He sure is grand...and I love seeing him stand guard beneath the cedar tree. This last week I have been working crazy hours so the inside of our home has been neglected a bit. Now that I have some time off...It is time for me to get busy tidying up a bit. " The goose is getting fat" and sassy! We have 3 geese here on the homestead. Mostly I like having them because they alert me of anything new going on outside. Of the 3, we have one Chinese goose. He is grand! He is also "full of himself" Every day, while I am outside, when I walk past them, he will come up behind me head down, wings spread out...acting as if he is going to nip at me. I spin around to face him and he changes his mind....He stands tall and walks away bellowing out what I think is "goose profanity" He is getting pretty fat and "juicy" looking, and I have told him on more than one occasion..... " If you ever make contact with me... We will have a Christmas goose for dinner." Thankfully this hasn't happened yet. I really do love to watch their antics. There is just a week before Christmas day is here...and I am hoping to finish the house cleaning so I can sit back and enjoy sitting by the wood stove, sipping my coffee, staring at the Christmas tree and relaxing.

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