Friday, January 1, 2016

Out with the old.....year.

Well, here we are, another year gone by. Whew! I can't say " I am glad THAT year is over" because it really wasn't a "BAD" year....for the most part. Sure, we had some ups and downs, but that's every year. I am not one to make "New Years Resolutions" per say....but if I were....I would say, " this year I am going to be more organized" HAHAHA! Yeah, and THAT is why I don't make them. We all know life is scattered all over this homestead...a little here, a little there...and a lot everywhere. We had a few bumps towards the end of this last year....our sow who we thought was NOT pregnant, had babies in the cold mud. We lost 2 of the 4. The other 2 are fat and sassy...doing great. Our buck goat...for some reason started being really mean to our doe....he rammed her a few times causing her to lose her kid. :( I think I have him properly contained in his own paddock now. We shall see. For a little guy he is tough, smart, and determined. This last month has reminded me why I don't like keeping a buck here OR a Boar. I spent 2 days working in the hog 8 inches of soupy muck, trying to keep the boars from the young gilt. When I went out one morning, I heard her screaming.....when I got to the hog yards....the boys were in with her and both trying to breed her. UGH! I was able to get them separated with a wood panel fence but was about 6 ft short. I figured it would be OK, since I put up 3 strands of electric. wasn't OK...those boys went right through the electric fence. UGH. So I had to get another panel...they weigh about 150 to 200 pounds each and I had to drag them about 200 ft. Once I got it mostly in place, I was able to lure the boys with field corn and get the panel put in place. I still put electric along the boys side. That was a few weeks far so good. Now that the new year is is time to start planning the garden...yes...I am already dreaming of warm days....light breezes...juicy tomato's fresh from the vine....Ahhhh. I will have my work cut out for me this spring when it comes to the strawberry patch. I have been saving all of the cardboard and plan to lay it down in the rows..then cover it with the compost from the barn. I am hoping this will minimize the weeding needed this year. Last year the weeds got a bit out of control with all of the cool days and rain, and me working. I have to make a plan to minimize my I can continue with my plans. This year we also have to replace the Harbor for the grapes. The overhead boards are rotting and need replaced. I am thinking I might replace them with either hog panels or cattle panels. I am just not sure how we will do this, since the grape vines are so full and I am NOT willing to cut them back. I am sure we will figure it out....just might end up being a bit of a challenge. So, lets all put on a happy face today....start this year out with a smile.....this is going to be another great year...!

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