Sunday, January 10, 2016

So, how many of us rushed out and bought " the winning ticket" for the Power Ball? I admit....we bought a couple. As we sat there last night, waiting on them to pull " our numbers" we fantasized on how we would spend our new found fortune. " Family first, take care of the kids. Fix up the old homestead, make our lives easier to care for the critters, and make it nicer for them...all the gardening essentials we would need, or want. New big shop for hubby to tinker around in, a nice green house for me to tinker in, a big stocked pond and of course....fencing all the way around." However.....we didn't win enough for a pack of gum. As a matter of fact... NO ONE hit the winning combination. Last night just before the drawing it was 900 MILLION. They are now saying it should be 1.3 BILLION PLUS, cash option is 800 million.! That's was fun to daydream. But now....back to reality. When we went to bed, it was raining " cats and dogs" I mean it was a real "gully washer" Throughout the night, the temps started dropping and this morning it is snowing....hard....big wet flakes. One channel says we will get 1 - 3 inches....the other channel says it will taper off quickly and accumulations will be light. I am watching the later channel. Doesn't really matter how much snow we a few days the temps will really bottom out to single digits in the evenings. Mp plan for today was to have a big pot of beans cooking all day...filling the house with that wonderful smell....but I forgot to soak my beans. So, instead of ham and beans with cornbread on this cold snowy day...looks like we will have beef stew and biscuits. Either one will be nice on a cold snowy day like today. I will babysit the wood stove most of the day....and dream of that big lottery win...

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