Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just a little Mooo

So, yesterday we added a new member to our homestead. Her name is Daisy Mae. She is a newly weaned bottle calf, and I am smitten with her. Here she is, in all her glory.....
Her "position" here at Heavens Door Acres will be to provide us with milk, and babies.( and fertilizer ) As for now, the plan is to breed her once she is older. If she has a little boy calf...he will be kept to go into the freezer. Any females will be sold, once weaned. This will add a little bit more work for me here, but she is so sweet, and worth it. Because she was a bottle calf, she loves to be around humans. She begs for chin scratches and back scratches. I will work on teaching her to lead she learns respect. This will help if a vet is ever needed to come out, or when the grand kids want to be around her. Today the weather is calling for several inches of rain, something we just do NOT need. The weather people are warning us against flash flooding...I am pretty sure our home will be surrounded by a " temporary moat" Once the sun sets, this rain is supposed to turn into snow however I don't think it will stick, or even if it does, it won't last long. Spring is creeping in....and I am happy!
This is the results of the far. Luckily after just a day or two after the rain stops, this will all be gone. While it is here, the geese will be happy to play in it. And now, for some sad news..... over the time frame of 2 weeks, we laid to rest 2 of our little fur babies. 2 Pomeranian's , brother and sister. They were 15 years old and we knew their time was near. It still hurts seeing the empty spots on the dog bed...where they used to lay. little princess...
Muncher....the "class clown" of the family. Rest in Peace my little are missed daily.

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