Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1st...." In like a Lion...."

How does that old saying go? March , In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb. Ok, so that means that if the beginning of March's weather is loud and "roars" then the end of the month will be nice and calm?? I have sheep.....well, we have one Ewe now, but I can tell you first hand..Sheep are not really calm and peaceful. They are generally weary, timid, and fearful. With that in mind.....today our weatherman says we will have some "fantastic storms" Really? "Fantastic"? They are calling for high winds, Lightening and thunder, driving rain, and possible tornado's. That is " fantastic"?? Do the weather people and I have a different meaning of the word " fantastic"? We must, because the prediction for today's weather does NOT sound like something I am looking forward too. Guess I will just have to make sure all of these critters are dry and cozy for the day...and I will stick inside with my lap blanket and my book.....wait....THAT IS pretty fantastic. Ha, NOW I think I understand why the weatherman is calling these storms fantastic! It really is an Individual perspective. Out little Daisy Mae is really coming along. She is becoming more and more comfortable with her surroundings every day. Yesterday when I went to feed....she came running to the gate to meet me, kicking up her heals and bouncing around. She really is a happy little calf. I stood safely on the outside of the gate until she settled down a bit. Now that March is here and the weather is warming up...I am getting a touch of Spring Fever. I have received a few seed catalogs in the mail already...It is getting to be that time....time to drag out the seed planting materials...go through my "stash" of seeds...and get a few things started. It will be gardening season before we know it, and I am just itching to get out there and feel the sun on my back. So the plan for today...staying indoors because of the storms...going through my seeds and picking out what I need to get started....then cozying up with my book. What are your plans this fine day?

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