Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March' ing on...

OK, so maybe that title was a bad way to say.... " March is passing quickly" It is hard to believe it is already the 23rd of the month! Today was a beautiful day, weather wise. Most of the mud has had a chance to dry up...or, firm up at least, since we have had a few super windy days. This morning after I finished the animal chores I dove right in on getting a few things crossed off of the list. I cleaned up one of the paddocks that I opened up for Daisy, Laura and Sissy. The grass in there is thick and getting pretty tall. There was a few pieces of roof metal laying by the fence, I moved it so they don't cut a leg or something on it. Then I came over to the house area..cleaned out the small flower bed by the bird house and planted my Moon vine seeds. I am hoping I didn't jump the gun on the seeds, but last year I was so late getting them in the ground that by the time they set flower buds and were just about ready to open up, we got a hard freeze. I didn't get to smell one flower from them. This year..I hope I do. After planting them...I grabbed the 3 little Grape Hyacinth that I bought the other day at Wal Mart for $1.00 each and got them planted under the Cedar tree by the front steps. They will get plenty sun there, and be safe from the mower and weed eater. ;) I then moved to the big garden area. One of the smaller raised beds that held carrots last year needed cleaned out. So I pulled weeds and turned the soil...then planted my garlic in there. That didn't take too long so decided to clean up the area that held the tomato's and Brussels sprouts last year. I was able to get about half of that finished before my back said.... " ENOUGH " I was finished outside for the day. Tomorrow we are supposed to get more rain..thunderstorms. If I can beat the rain, I want to plant the 3 pots of Mums from last year, over by the goose house. I hope they didn't get froze out through the winter. I believe they will really brighten up that area. IF I can't beat the rain, well, I guess I will work inside tomorrow. There is PLENTY that I need to get caught up on in here since working so much I have been just doing what was necessary to make it day to day. "Spring cleaning" needs to be done...I might just start with washing all of the curtains. This year, Spring cleaning means throwing out the old, unused "stuff" Hauling it to St. Vincent DePauls. I should be able to fill my little truck at least 3 times by the time I am finished. I am looking forward to opening the windows and letting in the fresh air.

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