Friday, March 11, 2016

Almost Spring.....Jeepers Peepers!

We are days away from spring....and the tree frogs are letting us know. They are singing in spring, loud and clear. For a tiny little creature, they sure have a large voice. I LOVE hearing them calling out their mating song...the sound of spring. This morning as I walked out back with the dogs...I heard the first deep croak of a bull frog. Now there is a sound I could listen to all day. The mornings are still a bit cool...temps in the high 30's and low 40''s so I get a bit of a fire going in the wood stove before I head off to work. Hubby is thankful for that because when he gets up it is toasty warm. The frogs are telling me, Get yourself ready....get plenty of rest....gardening time is near! This year I am planning a raised bed for Asparagus. I want it off to it can grow well...since it takes a few years to get a good bed established. I also would like to put in another bed, just for garlic. However, since I have been working so much, we will have to see how those plans work out. This weekend I am hoping to get my seed trays started...I am running a bit late, but I think there is still time. Tomato's, peppers, cucumbers,Brussels Sprouts and hopefully pumpkins will be sprouting up soon. I have been keeping an eye on the little fruit trees and yesterday I saw the first little buds. I hope they all do well this year, fresh peaches, apples, and grapes. Our little Daisy Mae is doing just grand. The first few weeks here, she would cry every time she saw me come out of the front door. She would call if she heard me talking to the cats, or if I was chasing the geese back on the North side of the driveway. She cried so much, she lost her voice. It was pitiful hearing her try to Moo...ending with a whisper. She is doing much better now tho, she is getting used to her barn mate, Laura. I have been trying to work with her on halter training, so far so good. Every once in a while she will stop and just look at me as if to say, " I am finished" This is when I encourage her for just a few more laps....then I turn her out. Once I unleash her, she will take off running, kicking up her heals..This makes me smile. The geese are finally starting to lay. Well, I should say..the goose. Turns out we have only one little female, and 2 males. I have started collecting the eggs so I can put them in the incubator and hatch them out inside. They are loving all of the rain we have been getting. We have been flooded for a few days now and the geese are exploring areas of the farm they have never been...and places I don't necessarily want them, like the strawberry patch. I don't want them to think this is a place for them to start feeding on my strawberries! Ohhhh, strawberries....I am excited to be able to have fresh strawberries again.....soon! Happy Spring everyone....are yu getting ready for garden time?

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