Saturday, May 18, 2013

So many things going on here....I think I passed myself on the way out the door.

Ever have one of those weeks...where you think you passed yourself as you went out the door? Whew! That is how it has been here this past week. My neighbor came over the other day, and helped me in the garden. We had to throw more dirt in there to TRY to keep the new plantings out of the water when it rains. Since we have clay takes literally years to amend it enough for it to drain. We are on year 3 with this garden spot. The other garden spot took almost 5 years to get it to drain properly. So, we threw dirt..and planted 2 rows of green beans...a dozen tomato plants, and a dozen cabbages. Then we built a raised bed, and planted 14 strawberry plants. In a few years, we will hopefully have enough for jam. I am really liking the raised bed...I am going to try to get another one put in tomorrow....if the rain holds off...and get my herbs and some different greens planted. I can see these raised beds becoming somewhat of an addiction. :) Today, I worked in the smaller garden, where I planted the potato's. They are looking good! Oh, I am sure there will NOT be enough to get us through winter...but I will be able to can some and to can some stew. Every little bit helps! Do you mushroom hunt!? We do. This year has NOT been a good year for us tho. My son lives in Oklahoma, and has had GREAT luck. He love's his momma, and sent me a box of Morel's. Look at THIS monster!! YUM YUM! Maybe I can get back out there in a few days, and find some more. I really hope so...time is slipping away..and soon the mushroom season will be over. Maybe I need to look into growing some different types here on the farm. Remember the little fence I built last month? Well, the Irises are all in FULL BLOOM! They are so pretty, and smell so good! While the Irises are in bloom, this is my favorite spot to take a break...under the willow tree. Tomorrow...another raised bed, more planting and maybe some bonding time with the new piggies. Weather permitting.

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