Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yes, I do believe......

That summer is FINALLY on the way! 2 days in a row, temps in the 80's. OK, LOW 80's and we are going to have a few days in the 60's again..with rain chances...BUT..we are well on the way. Yesterday hubby and I worked on more of that dirt we had hauled in last fall. I keep looking at all that dirt...and thinking.....WHAT WAS WE THINKING!??? We had 200 TONS of "ditch dirt" hauled in from the state highway last fall. For the most part it is great dirt...if you can look past all of the garbage in it. SO MUCH WORK...since it has to be moved one shovel full at a time. Yesterday we worked on one pile...and was able to get 5 tons moved into the garden. It looks so much better out there already. The big garden is in a bad spot, it holds water.... and I mean...there was about 2 inches of standing water out there. So, we threw about 2 inches of dirt on top. Looks good, but we still need to move at least another 4 to 6 inches more. We worked on it for 3 hours. We made light of the work by laughing at each other....throwing worms at each other...and talking about " You know who your friends are when there is work involved" *sigh* By bedtime, I had felt that my arms were full of lead. I got a little bit of today I will be staying out of the sun. We rested with a big glass of sweet tea and planned the rest of the garden out. 2 rows of green beans.... 12 tomato plants..cucumbers will be grown vertically this year...and a great spot for the Herbs. I can't wait to get everything planted. Today I need to run to town for animal feed....and I don't think we are planning to work too least I don't THINK we are! The new pigs are settled in and I am loving them. So far. I can go in there with no problems from the boar. THIS makes me happy!

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